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Hall Association

Delta Masonic Hall Association
13034 41st Avenue South
Tukwilia, WA  98168

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Welcome to the rental site for the Delta Masonic Hall. It is an Historical Landmark Designated Building and the oldest privately owned building in the City of Tukwila.

Delta Masonic Hall is a two-and-one-half-story, vintage building located at 13034 41st Ave. South, Tukwila, WA 98168. The facility is owned by the Delta Masonic Hall Association.

The lower floor includes a full commercial-style kitchen, large dining area (capacity 125) and separate men and women’s restroom facilities. Tables and chairs are provided and can be arranged as needed. This floor is suitable for most parties, dinners, quinceañeras, wedding receptions, graduations, etc. There is sufficient refrigeration for temporary food storage.

The second floor is reserved for special ceremonial occasions, such as memorials, weddings, baptisms, church services, etc. This floor may be rented separately when available. Food and beverages are not permitted on this floor.

Delta Masonic Hall now has air conditioning for the hot aummer months.

The entire building is a non-smoking facility. Parking is restricted to on-property parking adjacent to the building. Parking may not block the city streets. Additional parking is sometimes available across the street next to the park. Please call for details.


Rental Booking (Detail)

All bookings will be made with the rental manager, NO exceptions. The rental manager can be reached at [email protected] or with the contact information listed to the right.

A deposit, plus signed contract, must be tendered in order to guarantee the date and facility. The rental fee must be paid prior to the rental date, and prior to obtaining access to the building.

CANCELLATIONS: If a cancellation is made within 30 days or less of the date, a $220.00 cancellation fee will be charged at the option of the rental manager.

ALCOHOL: Alcohol may be served at the party. All renters must obtain a Banquet Permit from the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board, which must be posted in the Dining Room. Banquet permits can be obtained at minimal cost online at (Banquet Permits FAQs | Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board).

Certificate of Insurance. A Certificate of Insurance is required for all events and can be obtained either from your Insurance Agent or at (

NOISE: Tukwila noise ordinances are enforced. No loud noise after 10pm.

Delta Masonic Hall Association

Rental Rate (Detail)


Capacity for upstairs is 150. this floor is for ceremonies only. food and beverages are not permitted on this floor. Deposit is for damage/cleaning/garbage.

Both Floors

Both floors are rented at the same time. Deposit is for damage/cleaning/garbage.

Hourly Rental

Nominal Hourly rates are available for short stay rentals during the week (Mon-Thurs) (Business meetings, children’s birthday parties, etc.) Deposit is for damage/cleaning/garbage.


Week-end rates (Friday – Sunday) full day. Damage/cleaning/garbage deposit. (if after the party everything is clean and nothing is broken, and furniture is placed as agreed, a refund check will be written within 30 days of the date of the party. ($50.00 will be retained for garbage disposal) all garbage must be placed inside the dumpster provided to avoid additional charges. Outside area must be cleaned of all debris.

Rental & Inquiries

Rick Chapman, 
Hall Representative
[email protected]

Contact Information

Facility Issues and
Long Term Rentals:

Rick Chapman, 
Hall Representative
[email protected]

All Other Inquiries:
Delta Masonic Hall Association
13034 41st Avenue South
Tukwilia, WA  98168
206 420-3625


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